Gitpo Spirit Lodge

For a stronger community

"Our lodge has a cultural group that teaches Mi'kmaq singing and drumming, provides health a wellness programs, skills development support and virtual reality experiences."

Chief Roger Augustine is Mi’kmaq from the Province of New Brunswick, and is currently the Regional Chief for NB/PEI, Assembly of First Nations (AFN).

We are working to provide peer support between generations

The focus at the spirit lodge is on offering a sense of peer support between different generations in each activity, from boys to elders.

It has a cultural group that teaches Mi’kmaq singing and drumming, led by an elder who also teaches the language during sessions.

Non-Indigenous people from surrounding communities are also welcome to come and participate.


We are focused on inclusion and advancement of Indigenous Peoples across Canada.

Gitpo Spirit Lodge is a place for unity and learning

We are providing our communities with a place to gather, share experiences and build stronger unity between our peoples.

A place for ceremony and celebration

We are equiped for both indoor and outdoor activies, ceremories, and gatherings. Join us at our lodge to enjoy a place of peace and exploration.

A place for history, culture and language

Our history, culture, traditions and language are important for reclaiming and embracing our heritgate as we advance into a modern world.  

A modern way to connect, learn and grow

As technology advances, we are working to connect with our youth and communities leveraging tools and resources of the day.

A place for health and healing

We are building many types of programs to support our people and communities in wellness and healing.

A place of education and skills development

Working with our partners, we are building the resources and tools to help our communities with access to education and skills programs. 

GITPO Consultants

We are an Indigenous multi-service consulting practice with a focus on respectful cooperation and collaboration amongst First Nations, Indigenous peoples and their organizations, private sector and industry, non-governmental organizations, and governments


  • Context Setting
  • Promotion of and Respect of Indigenous Culture and Traditions
  • Orientation and Training
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Relationship Building
  • Evaluation and Analysis
  • Opportunities and Risk Identification
  • Negotiations and Mediation
  • Strategic Planning and Forecasting
  • Advice on Compliance with Federal and

Provincial Regulations

  • Development of Employment Equity Opportunities Programs
  • Development of Capacity and Support
  • Services provided in French and English
  • First Nations and Indigenous Organizations
  • Federal and Provincial Government Departments
  • Project Proponents
  • Economic Developers
  • Private Sector
  • Social and Health Agencies
  • Unions and Employers
  • Education and Training Providers
  • Fishing and Natural Resources Sectors
  • Health
  • Social Services
  • Indigenous Affairs
  • Labour
  • Post-secondary Education
  • Conciliation and mediation
  • Indigenous-industry-government relations
  • Project Execution
  • Financial Analysis

Solutions to provide access to clean water for communities across Canada

Working in partnership with community, national and global leaders, we are aligning opportunities for providing access to clean drinking water to be made available in communities across Canada.  


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