Introducing Gitpo'Home!

Artificial Coastal Reefs

Gitpo’home is an Indigenous led limited partnership specializing in the sale and distribution of coastal artificial reefs that serve as habitats for multiple marine species. The reefs are set up to create living spaces for biodiversity and bring an ecological added value to the marine environment and industry.

Gitpo’home aims to reconcile adapted construction design and optimization of biodiversity conservation with concern for economy, meeting technical and environmental requirements and creating an even more efficient and virtuous habitat.

The reefs are made from homogeneous concrete, which provides a high quality concrete that can reach a normal life span of more than 25 years when submerged in salt water.

The Gitpo’home concrete, does not contribute in any leaching harmful to aquatic life, so it is environmentally friendly.

Gitpo’home offers 4 reef models to create shelters adapted to the needs of the site and the targeted fish species.

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